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Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

ghostly treats, ghost tea light holder, yankee candle
ghostly treats, ghost tea light holder, yankee candle

Happy Halloween, guys!
Hope you're all having a great start to the spooooooky weekend!

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5 Beauty Products I've Tried This Month | Oct 2014

beauty blog, monthly favourites, uk beauty blog
organic surge body butter, lavender body butter
hair products, swell dry shampoo, uniqone coconut

Organic Surge Body Butter // Organic Surge Daily Care Face Wash // UniqOne Coconut // pH Advantage Most Moisture Face Mask // swell Dry Shampoo

Instead of a 'Monthly Favourites' this month, I decided to mix things up! Here are a few beauty products that I've been using this month, the five are picked at random. Which ones have I been loving and which ones haven't met expectations?...

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Recipes For Sweet Treats | Inspiration From Pinterest

sweet treats recipe, pinterest dessert board
doughnut recipe, marshmallow recipe, birthday cake marshmallows
party ideas
Image credit: SprinkleBakes, Carnets Parisiens, Sweet Style, The Kitchn, Made By Mary (links below)

Mmmm, feast your eyes on this yummy lot! My Pinterest obsession is getting out of control. I seem to be particularly fixated on the food and drink category and once I start pinning, I can't stop! It is the modern equivalent of scrapbooking but instead of cut and paste, you browse and pin! If you're not already on there, I suggest you sign up and delve in to the pretty world of Pinterest!

I get so many tips and ideas from decorating, DIY, make-up, nail art, skincare, graphics, web design, photography, weddings... you name it, Pinterest has got it! As I mentioned, my favourite category is food and drink. I have found so many awesome recipes but I haven't actually attempted to cook or bake anything from them yet. I often look through my food pins and promise myself that one day, I WILL bake something from my Pinterest food board! At least ONE thing! They make it look so easy but I'm not a very experienced baker, nor am I patient when it comes to the kitchen! I went through a stage where I baked quite a lot but most of the time, they resulted to a disappointing mess! Nevertheless, I am inspired by Pinterest and The Great British Bake Off and as practise makes perfect, I am going to ask for baking equipment for Christmas this year, so we'll see if I can make my bake goods look as divine as they do on Pinterest...

I have picked a few things from my food boards and you've got to admit, they look out-of-this-world-PERFECT! I guess you are all wondering what they are and where you can find the recipes from? 

First up, we have the Bubblegum Frosting Cupcakes with a decorative gelatin bubble (this is not edible, it's purely decorative). The second image is a pineapple mousse cake wrapped in ribbons of rhubarb, which looks so beautiful and sounds absolutely delish! I've not always been the biggest fan of rhubarb, I was seriously put off by the soggy, tasteless rhubarb crumble that was served at Primary School but I've learnt to love it in recent years. 

Next up are the doughnuts. Ah, doughnuts. Where do I begin! I have a strong appreciation for them. This doughnut recipe is in French, but can be translated in to English. It's also quite short recipe which makes me assume that it's a simple process... but I've seen it done on Great British Bake Off and it looks like a 'mare to keep them in shape! My sister actually has a doughnut making machine so I'll see if she's still got it, because I wanna bake me some doughnuts! 

I've always wanted to try homemade marshmallows, I bet they are so fluffy! Check out this recipe for Birthday Cake Marshmallows complete with sprinkles!

The pink ice in the margarita cocktail glass is a champagne granita. My mum used to make strawberry granita from a Delia Smith cookbook, it tasted so good! If you've never had granita before, the only way I can describe them is that they are like a really posh Slush Puppie or Snow Cone! It's not as watered down and the flavours are much purer and less artificial as it's made with a lot more natural ingredients.

Last, but not least, the strawberry milk! This is not so much a recipe but an idea on how to present food and drink at a kid's party. I don't have children and I won't be organising a party for a child any time soon but I just thought that this blogpost was really sweet and full of ideas for parents who want to do things a bit differently.

You can view more of the same over on my Pinterest board. I have on that's an overall food and drinks board, and then another one that has more of a theme to it: Pastel Coloured Sweet Treats! Mmmm! Drool! Definitely have a look as I'll be adding more to it each day!

Do you have a food board on Pinterest? Feel free to share you link in the comment box below!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Flamingo Candles | Autumn/Winter Fragrances


I'm still working through the Flamingo Candles I got earlier on in the year from their candy shop collection and needless to say, they smells delicious! The candles themselves look great, I love the square glass jars and each candle has a different coloured perspex flamingo on it, which looks really cute! I've got five Flamingo Candles now and they look so good lined up side by side. 

My new candles are both a similar shade of green and as they fragrances are both apple based, so they smell fairly similar too. The one with the black flamingo is Cinnamon Appleberry and the one with the gold flamingo on it is Applecurrant Crumble. 

Applecurrant Crumble is part of Flamingo Candle's A/W collection and is a blend of apple puree, brown sugar, raisin, plum and lemon peel. It's a sweet fragrance with apple being the base note but there is a "biscuity" scent which comes through quite strongly, I guess that's the part that makes it smell like a buttery pastry crumble!

Cinnamon Appleberry is a lovely, warming candle. It's a Halloween special, so I don't know if this candle is going to be on sale after 31st Oct, but that spicy cinnamon scent smells like the toasty air on Bonfire Night! Besides from cinnamon, the other smells in this candle are apple, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. Delicious!

Out of the two, I prefer Cinnamon Appleberry, the scent more familiar than the other candle as I haven't got used to the biscuity smell from Applecurrant Crumble yet. I'm pretty happy with how these colourful jars light up my room and the when the candle is burning, the scent isn't too overpowering. 

All Flamingo Candles are made of EcoSoya soy wax and natural cotton wicks which is better for the environment and also for you too as it's non-toxic. Soy wax burns cleaner and with less soot. They have lots of new candles in their Autumn/Winter range including Sweet Lime and Cedar, Amber and Lavender, Blackberry and Bay Leaf, White Lilac and Rhubarb. Check out the rest of the candles here, there are so many unique ones to pick from! Prices start from £12.00 and you can purchase them on their website or these stockists.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

A Day Out In Newcastle | Photo Diary

Theatre Royal Newcastle, Georgian Architecture
Newcastle Monument
The Fat Hippo Underground in newcastle
The Fat Hippo Underground, burgers in newcastle
Christmas chocolates 
charbonnel et walker chocolate
marzipan fruit
newcastle grey street
newcastle grey street

We hadn't been to Newcastle for months so on a whim, we decided to take the train and get ourselves to the Toon! I love getting the train in because I got to walk in to the town and take it all in. As familiar I am with Newcastle, I definitely took it for granted when I lived there and now I really appreciate every single bit of it when I visit! This time, I wasn't pacing around in a rush like I normally am so I took that time to look up and for the first time noticed how beautiful the building are. Maybe, when I was younger (AKA self-involved University student!), I didn't appreciate things like that back then but these days, I find myself literally looking up and value the surroundings a lot more!

I think everyone should visit Newcastle at least once! One of my favourite parts of Newcastle - aside from the iconic Quayside - is Grey Street as it's full of character with it's Georgian architecture. It has a lot of independent coffee shops, cafes and restaurants, you'll be spoilt for choice. Dotted around the place are premium brands such as Space NK, Kiehl's, Jack Wills, Hugo Boss. A short 2 minutes walk around the corner takes you to Northumberland Street, the High Street of Newcastle where you'll find the best Primark everrrr, TK Maxx, H&M, Eldon Square shopping centre which, alone, houses Debenhams, Fenwicks and John Lewis department stores! You can imagine how easy to spend an entire day in Eldon Square. There's also the usual Topshop, Topman, LUSH, Apple Store, Hollister, All Saints, Accessorize, etc etc

As you can see from the photos, we grabbed a couple of sushi boxes for lunch, then mooched about in the food hall in Fenwicks, and ended the day at The Fat Hippo Underground for a burger. I don't eat beef so I ordered a BBQ chicken burger but Niki had the PB&J which is beef patty with peanut butter and bacon jam! Can't wait to go back soon!

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